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VIDEO: Lolcat Guru Ben Huh Says Cats Are Funnier Than Dogs

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I Can Haz Cheezburger? poobah Ben Huh may be allergic to cats, but he’s certainly not allergic to looking at hundreds of photos of lolcats everyday. Huh, whose Cheezburger Network just put out a new book full of loldogs from the I Has a Hotdog! blog, says that in a showdown of funnies, cats come out on top.

“I think dogs are harder to make fun of, because they’re so loyal to you,” Huh tells “Whereas cats, they can be very aloof, so people find it easier to make fun of cats.”

Huh, who says that he had no idea cats would become the de facto animal of the Internet when he bought the lolcat site, is also a big fan of baby goats – but don’t expect to see lolgoats anytime soon.

“I’m a big fan of goats, but I don’t think we can devote an entire blog to goats,” Huh says with a laugh. “I know Daily Squee runs a lot of goat photos for that reason.”

Check out the rest of our video interview with Ben Huh, and see the gallery of your photos that he LOL’d for!