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VIDEO: Ducklings Rescued from Storm Drain

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Now those are some lucky ducks.

After becoming trapped in a storm drain, seven chicks are now back with their mother thanks to a passerby who heard their quacks for help.

Bill Cobun first saw the mama in the Columbus State Community College parking lot on Tuesday. “I noticed that the duck seemed to be in distress, and I thought that possibly it might be sick,” the safety officer recalled in a video filmed by the college (watch above). “As I came over, I heard the cheeping from inside the grate.”

The duck wasn’t sick, however. She was worried about her chicks, who couldn’t get out of the drain.

Lt. Dan Werner of the Columbus State police department, joined by safety officers, removed the storm drain’s grate and helped rescue each of the ducklings one-by-one. The babies immediately waddled back to their mother.

“What amazes me is nature – how mama wouldn’t leave,” Werner says. “She was staying right here. She kept looking in the hole to make sure they were okay.”

He adds: “It just kind of reinforces your belief in nature, and there’s some good in the world.”