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VIDEO: Andrea Arden's Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

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What to do before your dog has a day at the office? Have an interview? Prepare a resume? Bring in a portfolio of past work? Turns out dogs have an easier time than humans do – all they really need are good manners and something to occupy them during the day. They don’t even have to work!

Friday, June 25 is Take Your Dog to Work Day, an event intended to promote adoption from shelters and rescues. If you had a dog whose love must be shared with your co-workers, why not take him to a day on the job? Of course, you’ll need permission from your boss and a great leash (not everyone likes dogs – weird, we know, but true.)

If you decide to take your dog along for some paper pushing, make sure you follow these tips from dog trainer Andrea Arden, of Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonder Dog.

“One of the most important things to bring with you is something that will give your dog a job to do,” Arden tells “You need to be working throughout the day and you want to make sure your dog has a job to do as well.”

Check out our video for more fabulous tips from Andrea Arden, as well as a little cameo from our very own office dog, Ethel!

Are you bringing your dog to work tomorrow? Tell us your plan in the comments below!