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Uggie's Furry Elbows Are Covered in Celebrity Dust

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Since making his breakthrough as the adorable canine star of The Artist, Uggie has had people lining up to meet him – people like Ellen DeGeneres and Oscar winner Tilda Swinton.

The scene-stealing Jack Russell terrier even sat down for a roundtable interview with George Clooney, who, to be fair, seemed a bit threatened by the dog’s presence.

“George Clooney said, ‘If that dog is in the roundtable, I’m walking away,’ ” Uggie’s trainer, Omar Von Muller, tells PEOPLE. “He was joking, of course!”

Despite all of the big names he’s met already, there’s still one actress on Uggie’s wish list. “He’s dying to work with Angelina Jolie,” says Muller. “He loves her mouth!”

Check out our exclusive video interview with Von Muller (and Uggie!) to hear about all the celebrities Uggie has met!

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