Amy Jamieson
February 24, 2012 09:00 PM

Just like all the other Oscar-hungry stars out there, Uggie’s gotta get glam before he hits the red carpet!

So, what’s the 10-year-old Artist star’s beauty regimen?

“Definitely before the awards shows we give him a nice bath,” says the dog’s owner/trainer Omar Von Muller. “We groom him really nice and put some doggie perfume on him and a little bit of spray in his mouth [because] sometimes he has a tendency to have a little bad breath.”

When it comes to canine couture, Uggie’s taste is more Target, than say, Tom Ford. But now that he’s hit the big time, it may be time to splurge.

“If we go to the Oscars we might get [a bow tie] from Nordstrom,” Von Muller says. “We’ll do something better this year.”

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