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Train Your Cat to Sit Purrretty on the Toilet

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Remember the scene in Meet the Parents when Robert De Niro’s cat uses the toilet? Well, people train their cats to do that, you know. Some can even flush when they’re done! A new book called Kick Litter: Nine-Step Program for Recovering Litter Addicts pokes fun at the concept and offers tips on how to train your kitty to use the pot. It’s a small tongue and cheek instructional written in the voice of the author Perre DiCarlo’s cats, Moxie and Cooper, who conquered their “addiction” to kitty litter and bonded with the bowl. The cats, a Russian Blue and a Tonkinese blue point, are disgusted at first that their litter “dealer” stops giving them their litter fix and suddenly find their box located beside the latrine (a sneaky way to introduce your feline to their new potty). Gradually, the book says, you put the box on top of the toilet, then later remove the bottom and – voila! You’ve trained your cat to kick litter. At $10.85 on Amazon, the book is an affordable, fun treat for the cat-lover. For those serious about potty training, you can also get the City Kitty Kit, which comes with a universal training seat to help kitty sit pretty on the pot.

Check out Moxie and Cooper on YouTube!