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Top 10 Cat-Friendly Cities: Is Yours on the List?

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Think your hometown is top dog … er, cat? CATalyst, an organization made of animal welfare groups, recently announced its list of the most cat-friendly cities in the United States. The 10 that made the cut (in no particular order): Tampa, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland (Ore.), Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Minneapolis. The list was compiled after looking at such data as cat ownership per capita, level of veterinary care, microchipping and cat-friendly local ordinances.

“Cats outnumber dogs by nearly 10 million among the pet-owning public,” says CATalyst spokesperson and board member Steve Dale. “But I’ve spoken with animal control officials, welfare organizations and veterinarians across the country and often hear that cats are more likely to be neglected than dogs, more likely to wind up in shelters and less likely to be seen by veterinarians. Obviously there is room for the nation to improve the overall status and care of cats, but these [10] cities are overcoming the current standard.”

Next year, CATalyst hopes to include shelter data in its top 10 list.