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Funny Pet Videos

WATCH: Tiny Dog Takes Giant Leap of Faith, Rides Piggyback on Bigger Pooch in Pool

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What’s more amazing than a cat doing a trust fall? Try a tiny dog taking a running leap onto the back of a much bigger dog … in the pool!

Cat Hursh uploaded the video of the two talented pooches to Youtube on July 1. According to UPI, the bigger black dog named Riley was coaxed into the water to fetch a toy. The smaller pup, a Yorkie named Sadie, is then seemingly inspired to take a flying leap onto her pal’s back and then rides him piggyback-style around the pool.

The hilarious feat has received over 60,000 views in a day. We have a funny feeling there may be more copycats (copy canines?) trying out the same trick this Fourth of July holiday.