People Staff
August 07, 2014 11:00 PM

This introduction is perhaps more thematically appropriate for a Monday, but meet Freya the dog.

Brenda Falkenstein rescued Freya from a shelter in College Station, Texas, a few weeks ago and has since noticed that her new pet is in the running for the title of Laziest Dog Ever.

Falkenstein says that Freya’s favorite activity is lying on her back, telling Storyful, “She does it to nap, to ask for belly rubs; it’s how she tells me the walk is over, and [it’s] what she does when I give her a command she doesn’t want to obey.”

And though the dog is named for a key figure in Norse mythology, don’t expect her to be performing any godlike feats, unless you count the unnaturally sassy eye roll at the 19-second mark.

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