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The Weird, Wild & Cute Animal Encounters of the Winter Olympics

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You didn’t think the animals were about to let us humans have all the fun at the Winter Olympics, now did you? From party-crashing pups to death-defying felines, these furballs brought the weird, the wild and, yes, the adorable to Sochi.

Cat on a Broken Roof

This kitty is definitely missing one of those nine lives! A security camera caught a black cat falling through the Adler Arena speedskating venue’s roof as a piece of the ceiling crashed to the ground. The cat appeared to be unharmed, quickly jumping up from the fall and then running for cover. While the incident took place back in October, the cat burglar rose to fame as the Games waged on.

The Dog Who Loves a Good Show


Proving that fans of the Olympics come in all shapes, sizes and, well, species, a stray pup wandered into the Fisht Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony. Let’s hope he’s one of the lucky dogs who got adopted by an athlete.

The Major Mascots

We’ll let you decide if these animatronic animals are cute or creepy – although you may have missed them altogether. NBC edited out this cuddly trio – a bear, hare and leopard – from the Opening Ceremony coverage. But while American audiences didn’t get to see these giant toys in action, the animals (who were voted on by the public out of 10 candidates) gained instant fame from all of the backlash.

Even Shaun White Went Wild

When he wasn’t competing, the snowboarder squeezed in a visit to the zoo.

The Olympian Who Cried Wolf

If elaborate hoaxes were a sport, Jimmy Kimmel would surely leave Sochi with the gold: “I’m pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall,” Olympian luger Kate Hansen, who finished 10th in the sport, posted to YouTube. However, the video of the “wolf” was quickly debunked a few hours later as yet another elaborate, coordinated and apparently irresistible Kimmel hoax.

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