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The Water Bowl: Would You Try a Green Bean Diet for Dogs?

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These stories are worth a click:

There are fad diets for humans, so why not one for dogs? One option to help overweight dogs is to put them on the Green Bean Diet, in which half a dog’s daily diet is replaced with green beans. –

One Illinois woman has taken litter box odor to the next level. After complaints from neighbors about the smell of cat urine coming from her home, a judge has ordered her to reduce the number of pets in her home and deodorize the house. –Chicago Sun-Times

Pet estate planning is growing across the country and most states in the U.S. allow people to have pet trusts. –AP

A 55-ft. “sea monster” has washed up on a beach in China, wrapped in fishing lines and badly decomposed. Scientists believe it is probably the body of a whale. –Mail Online

Four years ago, a young girl was taking pictures of a sea lion in Santa Cruz, Calif., when she dropped her camera into the water. The person who found the camera managed to track down the girl and her family and Texas and returned the camera. –Santa Cruz Sentinel