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The Water Bowl: Woman Places Injured Cat in Car, Realizes It's a Bobcat

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These stories are worth a click:

While driving through Maine, a woman hit what she believed to be was an oversized cat and placed the injured animal in her car. But when the cat regained consciousness, she realized she had picked up a bobcat, who then darted out of the vehicle and hid underneath it. Due to the severity of its injuries, authorities were forced to euthanize the animal. –ABC News

A newly-discovered species of loris, which bears striking large eyes, is already being threatened by Asia’s pet trade, as its “teddy-bear face” makes it a prime target for illegal poaching. The animal, a species of primate, was recently discovered by researchers in Borneo. –The Guardian

The New Guinea singing dog, a rare breed related to Australian dingos, may have been photographed in the wild for the first time in 23 years. A tour group spotted what they believe to be the animal while hiking through West Papua, Indonesia. The dog looks similar to a Shiba Inu, and earned its name because of its coyote-like howls. –National Geographic

New York-based clothing company United Bamboo is selling a line of cat clothing based on its ready-to-wear offerings for humans. But being chic doesn’t come cheap: items can cost as much as $98 each, and purchasing a matching set for you and your pet could hit $1,000. –Today