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The Water Bowl: Woman Makes Jewelry Out of Cat's Fur Balls

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These stories are worth a click:

A San Francisco artist named Flora Davis takes her cat Gaia’s fur balls and turns them into necklaces. Ranging from $35 to $240, the pieces are crafted from wire and Gaia himself often sports them in photos to display the merchandise. –

Researchers believe dogs’s ability to withstand a starchy diet, whereas wolves cannot, led to their domestication. Similarly, humans who eat mostly farmed foods as opposed to hunting and gathering also exhibit such genetic changes. “It’s cool that we’ve shared an environment for such a long time and we’ve eaten the same kind of food for such a long time, that we have started to become more similar in that way,” said study researcher Erik Axelsson. –Huffington Post

Thirty Burmese pythons have been killed in the Florida Everglades due to a state-sponsored contest that has recruited 1,000 volunteers. But despite the low death count, wildlife officials said the point of the challenge was never to eradicate the reptiles, but rather to raise awareness about their threat to the ecosystem. –AP