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The Water Bowl: Winnipeg Pooch Makes Six Arrests in One Night! Plus, Why Ozzy Osbourne Has 17 Dogs

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These stories are worth a click:

An average canine unit can make five arrests per month, but one special police dog named Judge recently made six arrests during one overnight shift.–

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have 17 dogs because they “miss the kids.” –

Before authorities could start a rescue operation to get Ilya the Florida manatee back to its home in Key West, it ended up in Linden, N.J., wandered away and has not been seen since. –

Marine biologists have spotted dolphins playing with jellyfish like a ball. –

With more than a million dogs in the city, have New Yorkers gone overboard with their pooches? –

California firefighters found a 6- or 7-ft.-long snake hiding inside a car engine. –

VIDEO: Tilly, a rescued river otter, gets a new home at the Oregon Zoo. –