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The Water Bowl: Why You Should Treat Your Spouse Like Your Pet; Plus, Kitten Killed over Video Game

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These stories are worth a click:

Be happy when you say hello, don’t stay mad and don’t assume the worst. A clinical psychologist writing on PsychCentral suggests that married couples can take and learn from the way they treat their pets – and apply those lessons to how they treat their spouses. –

A 21-year-old Virginia man faces animal cruelty charges for allegedly killing his girlfriend’s kitten by throwing it against the wall. The kitten had unplugged the man’s video game. –The Smoking Gun

Scientists, using mathematical models, placed a digital giraffe in digital water and have determined that giraffes would be able to swim, though their long limbs would make their movements awkward and unstable. –Telegraph

Does high-end pet food really benefit a pet’s health and lifespan? Not necessarily, since pet food companies don’t actually do scientific, long-term research on the effects of food on pets. It’s most important to look for products labeled “complete and balanced.” –New York Times

A Florida police officer spent Monday night wrangling an alligator off the sidewalk, tied it to a tree and put it “under arrest.” –

Health care reform for pets? It might happen in California, where the Assembly has passed a bill requiring pet insurance companies to provide greater disclosure about coverage and exclusions. –L.A. Unleashed