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The Water Bowl: Why Rudolph the Reindeer's Nose Is Red

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These stories are worth a click:

You know how the song goes – but ever wonder why Rudolph’s nose is red? Scientists have discovered that reindeers’ noses have an ample amount of red blood cells in their nasal regions, which may explain the true meaning behind the Christmas carol. –CBS News

A 3-month-old black Lab-boxer pup named Emma is back home with her owner after she was stolen and sold on Craigslist in Washington. The reunion came after the new owner took to Facebook to show off her furry purchase, whom a friend recognized as the missing pup. –The Oregonian

Meet Wesley, an orange tabby cat who is a famed fixture in the town of Waukee, Iowa. Residents know him as the kitty in the window at Waukee Hardware Store & Rent-It Center; he turns 21 in April. –USA Today

Fast and furious! Two cheetahs living at the Houston Zoo embraced their need for speed at a race park for an off-leash run, which allows them to burn off metabolic compounds; cheetahs, which can run up to 65 mph, require about 600 ft. to gain momentum. –Houston Chronicle