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The Water Bowl: Why Is Britney Spears's New Dog Sporting a Bandage?

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These stories are worth a click:

Ruh-roh! Britney Spears’s newest canine addition left a Westlake Village, Calif., animal hospital wearing a pink bandage around its paw. Although there’s no confirmation on the pup’s injury, there’s no doubt that she’s found a paw-fect, doting mom. – Daily Mail

Some Denver drivers say bunnies aren’t so cute and fuzzy: The animals are eating spark plug cables and other wiring on cars parked at the Denver International Airport. Federal wildlife workers are removing an estimated 100 rabbits a month, and parking companies are putting up better fences, along with perches for predator birds. – AP

Meet Garby, a 6-week-old puppy saved by Muncie, Ind., garbage worker Michael Upchurch. “This ole’ doggy here was hollering, ‘Save me,’ I guess, in dog talk,” he recalled of the day he found the pooch in a trash receptacle. “He was frozen stiff.” Upchurch has since adopted the abandoned puppy. –New York Daily News

Police don’t have to extensively document a drug-sniffing pooch’s reliability in the field to stand by its work in court, the Supreme Court said Tuesday in a unanimous decision. This ruling overturned the Florida Supreme Court’s earlier jurisdiction. –Huffington Post