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The Water Bowl: Three-Legged Dog Robs Grocery Store

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These stories are worth a click:

A three-legged dog caught on surveillance cameras helping himself to a treat from a New Zealand grocery store has become a bit of a celebrity. The dog, Oscar, is believed to have run away from his owner’s home while the family was on vacation, and was spotted stopping by the store at least twice in the same day to satisfy his appetite. –Gawker

English paper The Observer conducted an experiment in which professional investment managers, a group of students and a cat faced off to see who could better invest 5,000 pounds – and Orlando, an orange tabby, came out on top after making his picks by throwing a mouse toy onto a grid allotted with numbers representing different companies. The experiment showed randomness is a factor that can’t be accounted for, and humans rarely achieve such consistency. –ABC News

A former U.S. developer working for Verizon outsourced his job to a firm in China, paying them one-fifth of his salary to complete his work. The deceit was uncovered by the IT department, who discovered a live connection to China, and further review of the developer’s browsing history found that instead of working, he spent his time looking at cat videos and surfing the Web. –Wired

Potato, a 2-year-old Samoyed, from the Jiangsu province of China can add, subtract, multiply and divide, according to its owner Lu Zesheng. When Lu asks Potato a question, the dog responds in barks. An example: when Lu asked, “How much is 3.44 plus 3.56,” Potato barked seven times. “–Huffington Post