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The Water Bowl: Tatler Magazine Dog Killed by Revolving Door

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These stories are worth a click:

It’s a sad day for Tatler magazine, whose canine mascot has died. Alan the dachshund was killed in a revolving-door accident at Vogue House, the London headquarters of magazine publisher Condé Nast. “He was so awesome and so very loved,” his owner, an assistant to the magazine’s editor, Tweeted. –The Daily Beast

How lucky! After going missing for five months, Lucky the Pomeranian is back home with his owner. The dog was found about 350 miles away from his Los Angeles home. –ABC News

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has opened up about his rescue Labrador retriever, whom he says he gave away for behavioral reasons before adopting another pooch. The First Family originally adopted the dog, named Reagan, during his 2010 campaign, and the canine addition was seen as an image boost. –Fox News

More proof cats are smarter than dogs: A feline named Orlando has outperformed several pro money managers in The Guardian’s 2012 investment challenge by about $650. His strategy? The cat selected stocks by flinging a toy mouse on a grid of numbers corresponding to different companies. –Time