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The Water Bowl: St. Louis Cardinals Honor Rally Squirrel on World Series Rings

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These stories are worth a click:

The St. Louis Cardinals honored last season’s Rally Squirrel by adding it to the design of their World Championship rings. The animal became synonymous with the team’s winning season when it ran across home plate during Skip Schumaker’s at-bat in the National League division series. –

New research shows that cats were bred for the sole purpose of being mummified and served up as offerings to the Gods between 332 B.C. and 30 B.C in Egypt. “Kittens, aged 2 to 4 months old, were sacrificed in huge numbers, because they were more suitable for mummification,” wrote researchers. –Discovery News

Animal control officials in California are looking for the owner, or a new home, for a 2-year-old Labrador who stayed by her canine companion’s side after the dog was struck by a car. The Lab refused to leave the street, even after it was apparent the other animal had died. –

Former police officer Kat Albrecht now applies all of her teachings to tracking down missing dogs and cats. “I love pet detective work because it’s very much like working law enforcement investigations,” she said. –Baltimore Sun

CBS is putting the primetime spotlight on dogs with a new show, Dogs in the City, that will follow New York City dog whisperer Justin Silver as he deals with owners and their canine issues. “Dogs are at the center of the story here, but this is a show that reveals as much about human nature as man s best friend,” said executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. –The Hollywood Reporter