People Staff
January 16, 2013 05:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Yet another puppy is finding a home thanks to Facebook. A pair of sisters campaigned on the social-media site, where they hoped to score a million likes to win a wager with their dad. Their adorable picture worked – and it took less than seven hours. –Mashable

See if you can spot Momo! A real-life version of Woof, the dog from Where’s Waldo?, this Ontario pooch is tough to spot in the now-viral photos snapped by his owner. “It makes people smile,” says his owner. –ABC News

What is Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s former rescue dog Reagan up to? The Labrador is now living on a horse ranch in Southwest Florida and answering to the name Pluto. –Tampa Bay Times

The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority has discovered traces of horse DNA in beef sold in U.K. and Irish supermarkets. Retailers are removing all of the affected burgers, although there is no health risk involved. –BBC

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