People Staff
August 21, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli helped his Yorkshire terrier deliver four puppies while sailing on a boat last week. According to his blog post documenting the birth, a veterinarian walked the style guru through the process – including a tutorial on how to cut the umbilical cord – before he set sail. –Roberto Cavalli Official Blog

Puerto Rican authorities plan on serving up iguana meat in an effort to control the country’s increased population of roughly four million reptiles. Although domestic demand for the meat is low, authorities hopes to export it to countries in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere that use iguanas as food. –Wall Street Journal

A Chicago couple filed a lawsuit Monday against a neighbor whose estimated 20 cats, they allege, have caused odors of urine and feces to stink up their condo. In addition to their downstairs neighbors, the couple is also suing the condominium association, individual board members and property managers. –Chicago Tribune

Horse rescue groups say this summer’s wildfires and a drought stretching from California to Ohio has contributed to an increase in abandoned animals. Farmers and ranchers are struggling to grow hay, and the prices have surged by more than double. –San Francisco Chronicle

The National Zoo is hoping its female giant panda Mei Xiang is pregnant after confirming Monday that she has elevated hormone levels in her urine. Smithsonian scientists say the mother of one may be 40 to 50 days away from giving birth, unless she is experiencing a “pseudopregnancy.” –Washington Post

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