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The Water Bowl: Queen's Corgis Attack Princess Beatrice's Terrier

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These stories are worth a click:

A royal feud unfolded last week when Princess Beatrice’s 11-year-old Norfolk terrier Max almost lost an ear during a scuffle with the Queen Elizabeth’s six corgis at Balmoral castle. The dogs, including two other terriers, began “fighting among themselves” as the Queen’s dog walker led them through one of the castle’s corridors. Max, who also suffered several bite injuries, was treated by a veterinarian. –The Telegraph

Hunger has left an increased number of herders selling their animals for a decreased value in what is described as a reality of a struggling economy in Niger. In these cattle markets, an adult camel that could bring in as much as $1,600 is selling for half that price. –AP

From picking out the perfect furry friend to dealing with said friend’s fur on your clothing, your post pressing pet-related questions are answered. You’ll also find tips on keeping your dog smelling fresh and revamping your old stuff for your pet’s use. –Real Simple

Two dolphins were found dead after six of the marine mammals were stranded at Massachusetts’s Wellfleet gut on Sunday. The four surviving animals were transported to Herring Cove in Provincetown for release. –

An autopsy revealed that the 9-year-old giraffe found dead Saturday at an Israel zoo had plastic food bags in his digestive system. It is presumed the giraffe, named Jabbar, was fed the bag from a Hay Park vistor. –Jerusalem Post