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The Water Bowl: Purple Squirrel Spotted in Pennsylvania

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These stories are worth a click:

A Pennsylvania couple found a bright purple squirrel in their yard and took a few photos before releasing it back into the wild. Is it a hoax? If not, why is the squirrel purple? So many questions. –

Two horses used in the filming of the new HBO series Luck broke their legs and had to be euthanized. The show has come under scrutiny from the American Humane Association and PETA. –New York Observer

Penguins bred in captivity at SeaWorld San Antonio have been transplanted to Dubai, where they are now attractions at a new indoor ski facility. Though the staff there claims the penguins will be pampered, critics say the birds should not be living in such a warm climate. –CBS News

A giant whale shark washed ashore in Karachi, Pakistan, and the animal was sold on the market for $18,758. –Reuters

The steady noise from commercial shipping boats causes high levels of stress in whales. Over time, chronic stress can lead to a decrease in reproduction, weakened immune systems and stunted growth. –Discovery News