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The Water Bowl: Oakland A's – and 718 Dogs! – Break World Record

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These stories are worth a click:

The Oakland Athletics broke a world record for most dogs at a sporting event when their seventh annual Dog Day on July 19 drew 718 dogs to their stadium. The previous record was 600 dogs. –Martinez Gazette

New DNA evidence has found that the origin of polar bears dates back 600,000 years earlier than previously thought, and reinforces the notion that polar bears are not a recent spinoff of brown bears. However, research also found that there was a time of intermittent breeding between brown bears and polar bears, with the brown bears living in a stretch of Alaska containing 5 to 10 percent polar bear DNA. –New York Times

More and more charities are popping up across the country to help pet owners facing foreclosure, taking in animals and helping them locate new homes. “Real estate agents or cleaning crews call all the time. Maybe they have found a couple of cats in a closet of a foreclosed home,” said Everett Croxson, the founder of Las Vegas-based animal charity FUPI. –Associated Press

A father and son from Brooklyn were charged with aggravated animal cruelty after beating their cat to death. The pair attempted to hide the evidence by disposing of their pet in a trash bag. –NBC New York

L.A. Superior Court Judge John L. Segal ruled in favor of animal advocates that sued the L.A. Zoo arguing that it mistreats its elephants. Though he did not order the elephants be shipped to a sanctuary, Segal imposed a ban that prevents employees from using bull hooks and electric shocks on the animals, and ordered the pachyderms be exercised for two hours a day and that their soil be rototilled. –Los Angeles Times