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The Water Bowl: Narwhals To Be Tracked by Satellite

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These stories are worth a click:

Narwhals, also known as unicorns of the sea, have been mysterious for many years, but will now be tracked by scientists seeking to better understand the whales. –Fox News

Snakes in an ATM? Yes. It’s true. And there’s video. –Yahoo! News

Lily and Maddison, a blind dog and her guide friend, had trouble finding a new home after they were surrendered by their former owners, but have – after much publicity – been rehomed with a loving couple in England. –Shropshire Star

Scientists have discovered that a group of cells called senescent cells promote the aging of tissues, and when those cells were removed from mice, the animals’ tissues improved. The mice could exercise longer, retained fat layers in the skin and more. –New York Times

Many Americans are suffering financially, but American pets are just as pampered as ever. Stephen Colbert has a plan: “The poor should become rich peoples’ pets.” –Gawker