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The Water Bowl: N.Y. Woman Says Falling Moose Head Gave Her a Concussion; Plus: Hero Dog Saves Stroke Victim!

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These stories are worth a click:

A restaurant patron is suing the White Slab Palace on Manhattan’s Lower East Side after she says a moose head hanging on the wall fell off and hit her on the head, causing a concussion and other injuries. Web designer Raina Kumra says the animal head weighed 150 lbs. and had antlers 3 feet wide.–Associated Press

When Pricilla Elit fainted after suffering a stroke, Milky Way the dog jumped to action. The pooch scratched Julie Chipperfield’s door until she came out and saw her sister lying on the floor.–

A Lincoln, Neb., man is accused of running a cat named Delilah through the spin cycle of a washing machine. Police say he videotaped the incident on his cell phone and can be heard saying, “it’s the spin cycle.” Delilah survived the ordeal, and Anderson has been cited for animal cruelty.–Associated Press

A Louisiana cat was rescued Tuesday morning after spending a week stuck 75 feet up a tree. It took Ron Hastings, who owns a tree service, 45 minutes to collar the kitty with a catch pole and get it inside a kennel. The Humane Society of Louisiana is still trying to determine whether the feline has an owner.–

The new study from the Animal Legal Defense Fund says that Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi and North Dakota are the five best states to be an animal abuser.–

Thora Adcock of Shasta County, Calif., is mourning the loss of her pet deer, Rodney, who was taken away by Department of Fish and Game wardens on Dec. 21 and shot to death. DeWayne Little, a DFG warden, says they considered releasing the blacktailed buck onto a refuge but opted to kill him because he showed aggression toward people.–