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The Water Bowl: 'Miracle' Two-Headed Calf Expected to Survive! Plus, Elle Macpherson's Rhino Beauty Treatment

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These stories are worth a click:

A two-headed calf in Egypt is being called a “divine miracle” after it was successfully delivered and is expected to survive. Because its legs are weak from the difficult birth and its heads are heavy, the calf can’t yet stand up. –AP

The supermodel Elle Macpherson uses powdered rhino horn as a beauty treatment, even though it has been banned internationally. “Put it this way, it works for me,” she said. –New York Daily News

Talk about tough real estate. New York City’s rigid co-op entrance requirements now include something called a “dog interview” for people who have pets. And, to help pooches pass the test, there are now prep courses in etiquette (e.g. how to make sure your dog doesn’t bark at the sound of the doorbell). –Gothamist

Why are there so many gray squirrels in the world? The creature can thank “a phenomenal elasticity of body, brain and behavior.” –New York Times

Monty the Gunshot Desert Dog, a California pit bull that was shot several times and left for dead, has been recuperating thanks to the help of Internet campaigns put together by rescuers. He now spends his days at his foster mom’s office, “being lavished with attention.” –L.A. Unleashed