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The Water Bowl: Meet the World's Smallest Frog – and Vertebrate!

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These stories are worth a click:

When a dime looks huge in scale, you know you’re wee! Scientists have discovered a new frog, measuring 7.7 mm, in Papua New Guinea. It is the world’s smallest frog and the world’s smallest vertebrate. –Popular Science

Rosie O’Donnell has fired back at critics opposed to her fishing hammerhead sharks off Miami Beach. The TV personality says her family fishes, others say she should not catch something that is already overfished. –

Should acting animals in movies be awarded for their performances? Or is it really acting when the animals are trained to behave in certain ways? –BBC News

A new study suggests that offshore oil rigs are changing migratory patterns of land-based birds like woodpeckers and meadowlarks, which have become food for tiger sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. –