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The Water Bowl: Kitten Travels 6,500 from Shanghai to L.A.

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These stories are worth a click:

An orange-and-white short-haired kitten stowed away inside a freight container and traveled for 6,500 from Shanghai to Los Angeles without food or water. After being found, the kitten, named Ni Hao, was taken to a California animal care center and will be made available for adoption. –AP

A 24-year-old surfer died after a great white shark attack off the coast of Australia, prompting debate over the sharks’ protected status. A witness said that all that remained of the surfer after the attack was “half a torso.” –AFP

A bear that has been wandering through the residential neighborhoods of Glendale, Calif., has now become a local celebrity. Glen Bearian has his own Twitter handle and lots of fans, but his popularity has caused concern for officials. –Los Angeles Times

A Southern California surfer has taught his two pet goats, Pismo and Goatee, to surf. The goats are a mother-daughter pair, and both are naturals, according to their owner. –Orange County Register

New York City animal activists say that the city’s Animal Care and Control has a glitch in its new computer system that has resulted in the unintentional extermination of dozens of shelter animals that had been set to be adopted. –New York Post