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The Water Bowl: Kesho to Be Leader of London's Gorilla Pack; Plus: 'Idol' Star Has New Hunting Show

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These stories are worth a click:

The London Zoo’s gorilla enclosure will soon have a new leader, a male named Kesho who currently resides at the Dublin Zoo. The zoo carefully chose the gorilla as new group leader to replace the male who died in March. “We’ve made sure we’ve got a very socially groomed gorilla – one who knows how to live in a family situation,” the zoo’s director said.–BBC

Former American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook’s new Versus reality show Goin’ Country, which debuted this weekend, follows her quest to get a record deal and her cross-country hunting hobby. The animal welfare group In Defense of Animals has criticized the new show.– and

Procter & Gamble has issued a recall of several varieties of Iams and Eukenuba dry dog and cat food. Check out the list here.–ASPCA

Beef from a cloned bull killed last year illegally entered the food chain in the U.K. The country’s Food Safety Agency is now investigating.–Daily Mail

An animal activist has chained herself to a doghouse on the steps of Capitol Hill to bring attention to the plight of dogs who are tethered in their backyards in Pennsylvania. Tamira Ci Thayne plans to sit there day in and day out until the General Assembly passes legislation to outlaw round-the-clock dog chaining.–