People Staff
June 06, 2012 03:30 PM

These stories are worth a click:

Karl Lagerfeld’s kitten, Choupette, is one pampered cat, with two maids dedicated to her care, access to an iPad and regular meals at the dining table with her owner. “She is beyond spoiled,” he said. –Telegraph

Security cameras caught an unidentified woman stealing a cat from a pet store in Shakopee, Minn. The missing feline, an 8-week-old Persian, was returned Tuesday, left in a cardboard box behind the store, but officials are still looking for the perpetrator. –AP

After being abandoned on the side of a road three months ago, a fox pup has found a permanent home with the Santa Barbara Zoo. The pup, nicknamed Garth, was being taken care of by Navy biologists, being too young to survive on its own. –

A 6-year-old boy had his earlobe chewed off after a woman brought her 80-lb. dog to a Long Island playground. While Archie was still on his leash, he attacked the boy, and his owner provided no assistance, claims a lawsuit filed by the boy’s family. –New York Post

A Florida winery is hosting a pet speed-dating event that allows participants to spend a few minutes getting to know each adoptable pet before putting in a bid for the animal of their choosing. –Miami Herald

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