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The Water Bowl: Jason Wu's Design Inspiration? His Cats!

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These stories are worth a click:

Meet the inspirations behind Jason Wu’s collaboration with Target! They’re Wu’s cats, Jinxy and Peaches. “Cats are so elegant and embody the spirit of the collection,” he says. “My cats are really sassy and sophisticated, but most importantly, they are picky.” –

Nick Santino, a former soap opera actor, committed suicide last week, apparently unable to overcome the grief he felt after euthanizing his dog, Rocco. Santino’s New York City condo neighbors had reportedly been harassing him about Rocco, a pit bull. –

Taylor Swift loves her kitty! “Watching tv with my cat while eating Toy Story fruit snacks,” she Tweeted. “So basically I’m 80 and 5 at the same time.” –

As restrictions around exotic animal ownership grow tighter, monkey owners say they are fleeing their homes and become “refugees” to avoid inspections. “To take these guys out of their home and throw them in a zoo? It’s like taking a little child out of a mansion and throwing it into the ghetto,” said one monkey owner. “It’s that devastating.”–AP

When a 2½-year-old gray wolf crossed over the California border from Oregon, he attracted a following. The wolf, called OR7, is the first of the species to be seen running wild in the state, and has such a strong fan base that people have organized candlelight vigils in his honor. –New York Times