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The Water Bowl: Jane Fonda Bathed in Her Dog's Ashes

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These stories are worth a click:

Jane Fonda revealed on her blog that she initially mistook the contents of an urn for bath salts, and used them in a bath. When she saw a bone in the water, she realized she’d bathed in her dog Roxy’s ashes. –

Sunshine and Sweetie, two giant pandas from China, are heading to Scotland. They’re the first giant pandas to enter the U.K. in 17 years and will stay in Edinburgh for 10 years. –NBC Nightly News

Scientists have added a deep-sea squid to the list of animals that are known to have same-sex sex. Male squid will copulate with any squid, no matter the sex, shooting packets of sperm at their mating partners. –New York Times

It might have been cute in Marley & Me but for one Chihuahua in Colorado, running alongside a car wasn’t so funny. The dog was being run by its owner, who was driving her car at a pace of 10 to 15 mph. She has been accused of animal cruelty. –Daily Camera

Ever seen a praying mantis dancing disco? –Daily Mail