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The Water Bowl: Is Panda Poop the Gateway to Clean Energy?

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These stories are worth a click:

According to a study presented to the American Chemical Society, researchers have found that panda poop is a source of bacteria that could be useful for biofuel production. Enzymes in the panda poop bacteria break down plant materials. –Inhabitat

Could coral be the sunscreen of the future? The marine organism has a natural process to combat the sun’s UV rays, and scientists hope to synthetically replicate key compounds for human use. –BBC News

A New Mexico police officer was caught on a traffic camera having sex with a woman on the hood of her car. The act occurred while a Chihuahua watched nearby. –Daily Mail

A cat named Pixie has taken to hanging out at a Scottish grocery store. Mostly, Pixie naps in carts and baskets, but has become so popular, he has his own Facebook fan club: Asda Cat. –Edinburgh Evening News

Researchers have developed a smart collar for wildlife which could help transform the management of wild populations. The collars use GPS technology and accelerometers and could provide a kind of diary for animals. –New York Times