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The Water Bowl: How the MVPs of the Puppy Bowl Make the Cut

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These stories are worth a click:

Come Sunday, the fiercest – dare we say fur-ocious – competitors will kick off this year’s Puppy Bowl, the animal friendly answer to the Super Bowl. So who picks the teams? “Animal Planet works in conjunction with Petfinder during the selection process for the puppies,” says an Animal Planet spokesman. “Petfinder reaches out to shelters and rescue organizations to see if they have puppies that meet the age and size requirements and, if so, asks if they would be interested in having those animals be part of Puppy Bowl.” –E! News

While doing a safety sweep of a multi-story parking deck near a New Orleans hotel where Vice President Joe Biden was speaking, a Secret Service dog fell to its death Saturday night. The Belgian Malinois’s death was a “tragic accident,” said a Secret Service spokesman. –CNN

A Florida TV reporter got more than some good scoop when she covered a story about kids who were raising goats. While signing off her report, a goat head-butted the reporter, knocking her to the ground. As she laughed off the incident, the goat charged her a second time. –ABC News

It was a fitting goodbye for a dog owner and his beloved boxer Lennox, who was suffering from arthritis and cancer. Before the dog was euthanized, the owner treated his companion to one last special meal. On his plate: a turkey leg, sausage, bacon and rice. –Yahoo! News