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The Water Bowl: Giant 21-Ft. Crocodile Captured in Philippines!

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These stories are worth a click:

It took 100 people three weeks to capture a 21-ft. long crocodile in the Philippines, where the creature had been posing a threat to villagers and farm animals. “It was big enough to swallow three men all at once,” the town’s mayor said. –Daily Mail

Spotted: Crystal the capuchin monkey on a flight from LAX to Newark, N.J. She smiled and posed for photos obligingly. – Now

Sea eagles, the U.K.’s largest bird of prey, are being reintroduced to the region, but not without controvery. “Will these very large creatures differentiate between a small child and more natural quarry?” asked a concerned man who’d lost his pet goose to a sea eagle. –Telegraph

A mouse scurried out of the pantry during an international flight from Nepal to Thailand, which led to the plane’s evacuation. The rodent likely came aboard the plane on a catering truck. –

Do bees experience emotion? Recent studies show that honeybees “have a persistent state of negative affect” and their moods can change. –Scientific American