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The Water Bowl: Former NYPD Blue Scribe Punches Poodle to Death

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These stories are worth a click:

A onetime screenwriter for NYPD Blue punched his poodle Lola so hard in the face that the dog later died of a brain injury. Ted Shuttleworth has since been arrested and faces up to a year in prison. –New York Post

The city of Elephant Butte, N.M., became divided over what to do about a local Australian cattle dog name Blue. For the past 11 years, the dog had roamed the streets freely, but due to a new ordinance requiring leashes, the dog’s guardians were forced to erect an electric fence to keep it contained on their property. –New York Times

An elephant shortage in Sri Lanka, where the animals are a key part of religious ceremonies, has led to the kidnapping of baby elephants from captivity. –TIME

A pack of wolves attacked and killed a zoo worker at Sweden’s Kolmarden wildlife park. There were no witnesses to the attack, so it remains unclear why the wolves pounced. –The Telegraph

Sudden changes in a dog’s aggressive behavior could be a sign of internal pain, which makes them more inclined to avoid being touched. “If the pet is handled when in pain, it will quickly act aggressively to avoid more discomfort,” said researcher Tomàs Camps, of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain. –Discovery News

A California man was rescued at sea after a whale knocked into his boat and it began taking on water. A nearby merchant ship was able to pick up the man before his boat sunk. –AP