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The Water Bowl: Election Day 2012 – Which Candidate Faced the Biggest Dog Controversy?

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These stories are worth a click:

Before you head to the polls Tuesday, think about how the candidates take on the important issues – including dog care. President Barack Obama faced backlash when he got Bo, a purebred Portuguese water dog, from the Kennedy family instead of a shelter. Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s canine controversy stems from an anecdote about a 1983 family vacation, during which the family’s Irish setter Seamus was strapped in his dog carrier (on top of their station wagon) for a 12-hour trip.–Fox News

Kristin Chenoweth was in need of a little couples therapy recently – with her dog. In a Funny or Die parody video, the actress jokes to comedian Chelsea Handler: “He just whines, and I don’t want to introduce him to any of my friends.” The worst part: At a dinner party she threw, “I worked very hard on the meal, and he just sat there and stared at everybody while we ate.” –Daily Mail

The 2-year-old boy who died at the Pittsburgh Zoo was killed because of the injuries sustained during the wild dog mauling, not the actual fall into the enclosure, the zoo’s president announced Monday. The child lost his balance on the railing Sunday after his mother held him up so he could better see the animals. The zoo has met and exceeded all safety standards for both visitors and animals. –AP

Upset because your pooch doesn’t happily greet every toy you buy him? Research published in the Animal Cognition journal analyzes why dogs aren’t always excited for play time. “Because we think that dogs perceive toys in the same way that wolves perceive prey, they prefer toys that either taste like food or can be torn apart,” explained the study’s co-author. –Discovery News

Two spade-toothed beaked whales, the world’s rarest type of whale, have been spotted in New Zealand. The mother and calf were beached on the North Island and died in December 2010. –Fox News