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The Water Bowl: Drunk Parrots Falling from Sky? Plus, Facebook Search for Lost Monkeys

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These stories are worth a click:

Wobbly with loss of coordination, parrots in an Australian suburb are acting like they are drunk and even passing out. The birds are being treated for this mysterious condition which ends with the bird equivalent of a hangover. –AFP

A Sydney zoo has taken to Facebook to recover eight monkeys that were stolen Sunday night. Among the kidnapping victims are two 6-month-old babies small enough to fit in a human palm. –

Move over, Puppy Tweets, there’s a new toy in town. Sony’s labs have developed a Twitter collar tailored for cats, and it comes equipped with a GPS device and a camera. –Mashable

A small study has indicated that dogs can detect prostate cancer by sniffing it in human urine. Researchers spent a year working with a Belgian Malinois shepherd, training it to classify different urine samples. –HealthDay News

A California woman who is suspected of serially abusing cats and kittens will spend a year in a mental health and drug treatment center, and spend five years in probation. Though she claimed to rescue cats with injuries, authorities say she tortured the animals. –SFGate