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The Water Bowl: Dog Wars App Taken Off the Market

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These stories are worth a click:

Dog Wars, an app for Android phones caused controversy due to the game’s seeming endorsement of dogfighting. Michael Vick and Alicia Silverstone spoke out publicly against the game, and it was subsequently pulled from the market. –Jezebel

Bad dogs? Even rich people have them. Some bark, some bite, others even kill, but to their owners, these pampered pooches are very special. –New York Times

A fish importer in New York tried to smuggle 350 snakehead fish from Macau. Importing snakeheads into New York is illegal because they “wreak havoc on our eco-system.” –New York Daily News

Monkeys have the capacity to remember what they’ve seen, according to a new study. “It’s exciting to speculate that they may be able to recollect the appearance of monkeys they know, what favourite foods look like, or the path they would have to take to get to a water source,” said a scientist.
Mail Online