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The Water Bowl: Dog Discovers Highly Valuable Whale Vomit

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These stories are worth a click:

She ‘nose’ what she’s doing! Englishman Ken Wilman was walking along the beach with his dog, Madge, when she came upon a smelly rock formation, and wouldn’t step away from it. Intrigued, Wilman Googled the mass and discovered it’s ambergris, a byproduct of sperm whale digestion that fetches high sums for its usage in spices, perfumes and medicines. –AP

After adopting an orange tabby cat named Chester, Vancouver couple Gyan Harwood and Roya Eshragh discovered their feline needed expensive and risky surgery to help correct the injuries he sustained from a car accident. Unable to afford the procedures – or even a hotel room near the Washington hospital where Chester was being treated – the duo turned to the Internet, where they created an online fund that was eventually able to pay for Chester’s care through the donations of strangers. –Huffington Post

They may be cheerleading at the Puppy Bowl, but hedgehogs are not the wisest of pets, warn officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who say they can carry a particularly potent strain of salmonella. Twenty people were affected by the bacteria in the last year, with one resulting in death. –New York Daily News