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The Water Bowl: Dog Dies Saving Family in Fire; Plus, Iguana As a Service Animal?

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These stories are worth a click:

Nine people escaped a fire at a Hammonton, N.J., home after a pit bull’s bark alerted them to the blaze while they slept on Saturday. Sadly, the young dog didn’t survive.–AP

Wayne Short had his pet iguana, Hillary, (not pictured) certified as a service animal after he was told he couldn’t bring the pet on the boardwalk in Ocean City, N.J. Short has declined to reveal his disability.–

A 6-week-old kitten dropped into a Philadelphia library drop box died on Wednesday night after suffering from dehydration, diarrhea and a respiratory infection. “I am very down as well as our entire staff. We did our very best. We were hopeful for a happy ending, but the cards were stacked against him,” said Montgomery County SPCA director Carmen Ronio.–

The Denver man who stole a family dog named Buddy, tied him to his truck, then dragged him to his death in December, received the maximum sentence of three years for animal cruelty. Steven Clay Romero, 38, said “he wasn’t thinking at the time.”–The Denver Post

A very lucky cocker spaniel named Oscar survived a 120-ft. plunge off a cliff in Dorset, England. “He went down quite a fall but managed to walk away just with a little limp,” a coastguard spokesman said.–BBC

Sandra Castillo was reunited with her dog Milady, four years after she disappeared. The dog, who arrived at the MSPCA in Boston in June, was underweight and suffered from many infections.–The Boston Channel