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The Water Bowl: Dog Carries Oxygen Tank for Ailing Toddler

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These stories are worth a click:

Three-year-old Alida Knobloch, who suffers from a rare lung disease, never leaves her dog’s side. The golden doodle, named Mr. Gibbs, carries her oxygen tank for her so that Knobloch can play without restraint. –Today

Senatorial candidate Mark Neumann was upstaged at his own press conference by a 10-month-old pig he had brought out to represent “pork” spending in Washington, D.C. The squealing animal forced the politician to step away from the cameras mid-speech. –NPR

Tom Willis, who was born without arms, fulfilled a longtime dream when he was able to feed a giraffe at the San Diego Zoo with his toes. “The trainer had to lure them to my foot,” he said. “One finally ate the biscuit and then another did.” –Huffington Post

The story of how Mitt Romney strapped his dog, Seamus, to the top of his car may hurt him at the polls. Public Policy Polling found that 35 percent of people surveyed were less likely to vote for the Republican front-runner as a result of the incident. –Reuters

One of the last surviving search-and-rescue dogs deployed during 9/11 underwent stem cell therapy in Virginia to treat arthritis. “She’s had a great career and has made a difference to a lot of families by bringing their loved ones home,” Dr. John Herrity of Burke Animal Clinic said of the patient, 12-year-old black Labrador Red. –Fox News