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The Water Bowl: Christopher Plummer Has Beef with Uggie the Dog

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These stories are worth a click:

Oscar nominee Christopher Plummer has a bone to pick with Uggie the dog. “We had the better dog,” he says of his Beginners costar, Cosmo. –Newsweek

Uggie’s Artist costar Jean Dujardin is on Plummer’s side – sort of. The actor, and fellow Oscar nominee, says that a campaign to give Uggie an award is silly. “It’s just a dog!” he says. –Press Association

When an agitated moose stomped on a 82-year-old Alaska man, a brave soul stepped in to save the man’s life. It was his wife, 85-year-old, 97-lb. Dorothea Taylor, who took a shovel and beat the moose until it backed off. –Anchorage Daily News

While on assignment in Afghanistan, 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan got wrapped up in a rescue mission – of an orphaned pup named Bill. She and a group of Marines worked to bring the dog to the U.S. –CBS/60 Minutes Overtime