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The Water Bowl: Cat Goes Missing at New York Airport

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These stories are worth a click:

Have you seen Xiaohwa the cat? The 4-year-old feline escaped from a pet carrier in New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport last week as she was being checked in for a China Airlines flight, and animal advocates are working to make sure the cat doesn’t endure the same tragic fate as Jack the cat, who was ultimately euthanized after escaping from his carrier at the same airport. –

A female lion in Botswana was shunned for years by members of her pride because of her masculine features, including a flowing mane. However, recently, local wildlife guides say the other lions have begun to interact with the lioness, and they hope she will eventually assimilate into a family group. –Daily Mail

One British entrepreneur is helping the $60 billion fish-farming industry get a fly facelift: In his book, The Story of the Fly and How It Could Save the World, he details how the protein-rich larvae produced by his company can counteract the depletion of the wild fish stock eaten by farm-raised fish. –NPR

Think your canine can handle the collegiate lifestyle? University students thinking of opening their homes – or dorms – to their furry friends should consider their budgets and how it will affect their academic opportunities, a veterinarian cautions. –WebMD