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The Water Bowl: Can a Ferret Be a Service Animal? Plus, Police Dog OD's on Meth

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These stories are worth a click:

A North Carolina couple that relies on a ferret as a service animal was asked to leave a mall because of the ferret. –

A California police dog suffered a seizure after ingesting a toxic amount of methamphetamine. –

Bolivia is the first country to prohibit the use of all animals in the circus. Questions remain as to what will happen to the animals once they are freed. –

TV’s America’s Funniest Home Videos says that dogs are funnier than cats – out of 260 animal winners, dogs numbered 136, while cats were just 34. –AP via

Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden, Travis Outlaw and Jeff Pendergraph love their dogs…and snakes! –

Bob Barker gave $1 million to his alma mater to establish an animal rights endowment. –