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The Water Bowl: Can a Chicken Feel Your Pain? Plus, 60-Year-Old Albatross Gives Birth

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These stories are worth a click:

It isn’t just humans who can feel empathy –scientists believe chickens can, too. Hens in a recent study showed signs of distress that mirrored their chicks’ feelings, demonstrating the capacity for empathy. –Telegraph

She may be the oldest known wild bird in the U.S., but Wisdom is also a brand new mom. The Laysan albatross is 60 and has recently produced a healthy chick. –

Millions of fish turned up dead in a California marina. The anchovies, sardines and mackerel were likely driven into the harbor by strong tides, then died once the oxygen supply was depleted. –

A Connecticut mom is being accused of locking her adopted son in a dog crate because he was soiling his bedroom. She told police that toys made the crate fun. –The Middletown Press

The fashion house Balenciaga has introduced a line of dog leashes and collars made of calfskin and vegetal leather. The brightly-colored accessories start at $275. –