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The Water Bowl: Bo's Veal Birthday Cake! Plus, Are Pets Bad for the Environment?

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These stories are worth a click:

Lucky dog! Michelle Obama told Jay Leno that Bo got to eat a special veal cake for his first birthday. (His brother Cappy, pictured above, snuck a taste for himself!) –

But why wasn’t Bo in the official First Family portrait? –

What’s your carbon pawprint? Could your pet have a bigger carbon footprint than a car? –

Going to Yosemite? Probably best not to travel in a minivan–bears have figured out that minivans = lots of food. –AP via

A live chihuahua was found inside of a man’s luggage at the Dublin airport. –

A rat was photographed while stuck in a New York City sidewalk crack…and a little Internet silliness ensued. –