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The Water Bowl: A Zebra and a Donkey Made a Baby! Plus, Bears, Bears Everywhere

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These stories are worth a click:

Zoink? Zedonk! A 4-day-old cross between a zebra and a donkey has been acting like the cute baby she is at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve. The preserve’s general manager says that the zedonk has zebra’s instincts. –AP

A bear walked into a New Hampshire home after a door was left open. It ate some grapes and a couple pears, took a drink from the fishbowl, then took a stuffed bear on its way out. –

Jack Hanna was visiting Glacier National Park in Montana when he and his wife were charged by a bear cub. Hanna took his can of pepper spray and unloaded the canister on the bear’s face, after which it fled. –L.A. Unleashed

Campers in Yellowstone National Park were attacked by a bear in the middle of the night as it went barreling through the campground. One man was killed and two others were injured. –NPR

Are dogs becoming more like people? Yes. One study has shown that dogs automatically, spontaneously imitate humans. –Discovery News via MSNBC